Hey, I'm Kyle!

And who might that be?

Well, I’m the guy who runs this crazy farm, mostly.

Quality that is Guaranteed

Bite Me Farms is dedicated to quality and we proudly stand behind our products because we use them ourselves!  Our mushrooms are grown with organic, Non-GMO materials and a good dose of hard work.  We try our best to give excellent customer service as we truly enjoy connecting with our customer base and improving what we can to make our products work even better for you.  If you run into an issue, just give us a call at and let us assist you. We promise we don’t bite, even if our name makes that fact a little misleading!

About Kyle

Kyle is a fungi funny guy, at least he thinks so, the rest of us aren’t too sure about that psuedo fact however! Aside from being comic relief, he is also the owner and purveyor of mushrooms here at Bite Me Farms.  From creating mushroom cultures (mushrooms are a culturally diverse group) to packing mushroom kits, Kyle is the head of all the wonderful mushrooms that end up on your table.  He genuinely believes in offering the best product possible to his customers, which may or may not be influenced by his overexposure to the Pokémon theme song growing up. He wants to be the very best, like no one ever was!

Kyle is a proud father and has a young daughter that keeps his reflexes sharp.  He has been growing plants of various kinds since he was a child and has quite a bit of experience in the garden department of life.  Though he isn’t an expert in mushrooms per se, he is extremely knowledgable about his products and enjoys researching  mushrooms.  He isn’t afraid to think outside the box to come up with solutions instead of defaulting to old methods, which is something that is remarkably easy to fall into when doing anything within the spectrum of agriculture.

Sometimes tried and true works, but sometimes things can be improved with a breath of fresh air and a new perspective.  At 25 years young, that is what Kyle and Bite Me Farms is all about.

About Alicia

The person behind the scenes doing all the real work while Kyle plays in dirt and chit-chats with people at the market is his older sister, Alicia.  Ha, just kidding!  I am just the person who runs the website and all the fun stuff that comes with it.  While Kyle is out doing all the hard stuff, I get to design cute mushroom graphics and put them on all kinds of promotional materials.

I have an AAS in Computer Programming, several certificates in IT, and have been building websites for several years, so it was no surprise when Kyle asked me to help with that side of the business.  What I didn’t expect was to enjoy the actual process so much! I thought I knew a decent amount about mushrooms until I got roped into this project.  There are so many varieties, details and fun facts that I never would have learned if it had not been for the creation of Bite Me Farms.  Mushrooms are facinating to me, and eventhough I don’t know everything about every mushroom ever yet, this project has gotten me a heck of a lot closer, and I’m happy that the learning experience can continue.